Post Industrial Malmö

A futuro Berg Collection


Post Industrial Malmö – A collaborative production curated by photographer Futuro Berg aiming to recreate a feeling inspired in the 80s and 90s looks. So basically a group of friends who got together with the same idea to recreate the classic old school hip-hop style and have loads of fun while doing it.

“The international second-hand store Beyond Retro, allowed us to have fun digging into their huge store in the diverse neighbourhood of Möllan in Malmö. The amount of clothes seemed endless in the beginning, but the diversity was also part of the coolness in being able to experiment with so many different looks and styles. At some point, we managed to pick and choose whatever we felt right for each model, and later set out to hit the streets in the remaining industrial part of the southern Swedish city. Music was the biggest inspiration for the shoot, a common interest in hip-hop culture and the new waves of modern Hip-Hop and trap.”

“During the whole shoot, we had a loud speaker blasting tracks to get into the vibe and try reproducing that feeling of freedom and easiness that the music can give you.  The project was sponsored by Kulturell Uppercut a new collective of artists based in Malmö.”

-Futuro Berg

MakeupEva-Lina Seidel
Hair – Victoria Tcha
Models – Liza Tamblay, Nicole Bica, Fatima Al Atar, Mona Wonder
Clothes – Beyond Retro



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